Cooking & Baking

Introducing the Bosch built-in cooking appliances range, that makes cooking a truly de-stressing experience for you. Enjoy the impeccable design, high efficiency levels, and great performance of our gas hobs, hoods, ovens and microwave, along with a keen eye for safety.

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  • Chimneys

    Bosch hood comes with the largest baffle filters to have efficient suction. The motors have been engineered to generate more power, thus sucking up smoke and odour with utmost ease, without making much noise. Their unique design also lets you open and clean them in no time. Indeed our engineers have put in a lot of effort, to make your life effortless.

  • Hobs

    Bosch hobs have been re-engineered with triple-flame burners to give you the best possible distribution of flame. Just so that your rotis, phulkas and chapatis puff up perfectly, not once or twice, but as many times as you make them.

  • Built in Microwave
  • Built in ovens

    Our engineers have used all the right ingredients for a perfect oven that caters to all your needs. From continental to Italian, desserts to even Indian cuisine, its large capacity is ideal for baking or grilling for the entire family. So set the timer, and prepare to cook to your heart’s content.