Ks Kitchen Gallery has a wide range of Bosch products. For generations, Bosch home appliances have been making everyday life a bit easier. They do some of the work for you. They make sure that the housework is finished faster. They give us more time and improve our quality of life. Let's go back together to the beginnings of our story.We can't cancel out everyday life for you. But we can make it much easier for you – As Europe's number one home appliance brand, we always offer absolute peak performance. With our home appliances, we represent uncompromising quality, technical perfection and absolute reliability. Yesterday, today and in the future.

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    Introducing the Bosch built-in cooking appliances range, that makes cooking a truly de-stressing experience for you. Enjoy the impeccable design, high efficiency levels, and great performance of our gas hobs, hoods, ovens and microwave, along with a keen eye for safety.